Consumer Credit for Your Company Has Never Been Easier

It’s well-known that adding credit to the services you can offer your customers can be a powerful marketing tool. That’s because people are more comfortable committing to a purchase when they understand how financing for it will work out. No matter what industry you are in, the ability to extend this service when your customers need to pay for large-ticket items, services, or procedures means being able to help people access your goods and services with confidence.

Our Consumer Finance Program Parameters

When you work with Outside The Box Funding to bring credit to your customers, you can count on your program to have these features:

  • Funding for people with FICO scores above 580
  • Tiered pricing and flexible interest rates
  • The ability to have us collect on bad debt portfolios
  • E-signature and instant credit approval
  • Funding for purchases up to $10,000

Combining these features allows us to offer financing to your customers even when other credit options have turned them down.

Streamline Your Customers’ Experiences

When you offer an easy credit option, you make your goods and services more accessible. That not only makes your products more attractive to potential customers, it can also make the difference when they are deciding whether or not to go through with a purchase. For more information about starting your consumer credit program, contact us today.