Small Business Loan Services Powered by the SBA

If you are looking for funding solutions for your small business, you already know what an important role the Small Business Administration can play in the process. That’s because the SBA is charged with providing access to loans that are designed to give small businesses a leg up, encouraging economic development in communities all around the country. The administration accomplishes this by guaranteeing all or part of the loans that are given out through its programs, offsetting the risks to lenders and making it possible for them to be approved for a wider variety of businesses.

If you are looking for a small business loan to cover a company acquisition, real estate purchase, or new equipment, then you need to look at these loans. Especially since Outside The Box Funding is now a preferred lending partner with the Small Business Administration, allowing us to approve our own applications so that we can streamline the process of approving your loans.

Acquisition Loans

If you are looking to purchase an existing small business, the administration wants to make that happen, because continuity helps communities by preserving jobs and helping existing businesses continue to thrive after their original owners are ready to move on. These loans can be worth up to 80 percent of LTV, and they often have terms of 15 years to make sure the month to month over head is manageable.

Equipment Loans

Some of the most popular reasons for applying for small business loans are for new equipment. SBA equipment loans carry the following features:

  • Terms up to 25 years
  • Low fixed interest rates
  • Manageable monthly payments

Commercial Real Estate

Last but not least, the administration also allows for the use of these loans to cover commercial real estate purchases when your company will be occupying the majority of the new facilities’ square footage. Contact an associate today for more details or to start an application for your next loan package.