Fund Unlimited Growth With Purchase Order Financing

When your business is ready to grow and you are looking for opportunities to expand your market share, one of the most difficult things to navigate is the need to balance those opportunities against your company’s overall cash flow obligations. Sometimes, that means it can be difficult to accept large or unexpected orders. When that happens, you need to be able to count on your financing to come through so that you can afford to put your team to work, and purchase order financing is an efficient way to do that without affecting your overall cash flow.

How Financing With Purchase Orders Works

When you finance your purchase orders, you are essentially getting an advance on the money you are already owed for your presold merchandise. This gives you a lump sum to work with so that you can build or source the goods and send them to your customer. Then, when payment comes in, our associates subtract the advance and our service fee before passing the rest on to you.

Advantages of Financing Your Purchase Orders

  • Gain access to your money right away so you can put it to work
  • Expand your market share indefinitely by financing new orders as needed
  • Gain control over your cash flow and make accounts receiving easy
  • Costs can be built into your estimates

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