Use a Merchant Cash Advance to Get Up to $200,000

If your company is working in an industry where you do a significant portion of your business through credit card transactions, then you have access to a form of financing that is designed to deliver you a powerful short-term alternative to business loans. That form of financing is called a merchant cash advance, and it is useful because it lets you gain a lump sum of working capital to help you buy inventory, redecorate and renovate, or even staff up. That way, you are ready to take on the challenge and opportunity that comes from running a public-facing business.

How Merchant Advances Work

When you borrow against your merchant account, our associates take a look at your average volume of monthly credit card transactions, and that allows them to easily calculate a sum that your company should be able to repay in a reasonable amount of time. Then, after the funds are distributed, repayment is handled as a percentage of your receipts. That means that when your business takes off, you repay the advance faster.

Benefits of MCAs

  • Fast and flexible
  • Easy repayment
  • No loss of equity in your business
  • No application fees or closing costs
  • Reusable—apply for new advances when your old one is paid off

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